Special & Packages
Make your stay at Hotel Madero Buenos Aires even more special! The following specials, packages and Buenos Aires hotel travel deals are offered from time to time throughout the year to enhance your experience.
2 days escape for 2
With this exclusive offer, you’ll enjoy 2 days of relax in our Superior Room category. Let yourself go this special proposal. Enjoy!
From150 Usd + IVA
Have fun & Relax
Stay at Hotel Madero, enjoy from Rëd Resto & Lounge and relax at our SPA. Have a wonderful stay at one of our design-hearted offers. ...
From175 Usd + Tax
Dinner Included
For those looking to disconnect from the routine this proposal is designed to enjoy with the person you choose. A doble room with a wonderful view. ...
From195 Usd + Tax